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The Traditional Yoga Association® runs several courses including a Foundation Course, Teachers Training Course, Meditation Course and Yoga Pathway (Marga Course).  All of these are to a high standard in both modern aspects of Yoga like physiology and the dynamics of movement as well as the ancient roots of Yoga.

We also regularly run shorter Courses and Workshops for continuing teacher training development, offering CPD points to those already teaching.


A day specifically designed for clinicians to explore Yoga: what the research actually supports as well as the difference between different 'schools' or types of Yoga that will help clinicians make informed decisions when referring clients.

COST: £65

DATE: 14th September 2019

Over the last few years there has been an increasing use and popularity of yoga by the general public and now within healthcare. Yoga has, for some time now, been the subject of several research projects and has started to be used and recommended by those in clinical practice. Due to the research Yoga is now being mentioned as an option to; help control blood pressure, mental health issues including anxiety, improve balance and coordination, for use with people with chronic pain and for almost all segments of the population.

Therefore, this is a one day course for clinicians such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, doctors and osteopaths who want to improve their knowledge base of Yoga. It will give clinicians the information they need to decide whether Yoga is something that is appropriate for them to include into their clinical practice and/or to be confident in sign posting their client/patient to an appropriate yoga class. It will aim to give clinicians the tools to understand the difference between different yoga types, yoga schools and brands, in order that they are able to decide what is right for themselves or their patients/clients’ needs.

The day is both theoretical and practical covering; what yoga is -what it is not, a brief overview of its history and philosophy together with a critical look at the current research into yoga - its use and effectiveness. The day will also give clinicians some practical tools that can be used to enhance their own and/or their clients well-being.

The day is being taught by a fully qualified physiotherapist who is registered with the health care professional council, and who is also a qualified yoga teacher with the Traditional Yoga Association® and the Independent yoga network.

This course can be taken in isolation or can lead to further modules which will explore yoga and its use as a therapeutic tool at a more in-depth level all the way to becoming a fully qualified yoga teacher.

The 1-day Course will be run by:

Katherine Geddes
Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (hons) and Yoga Instructor

What Dr. J. Spurgeon (GP), says about Kathy:

“Kathy’s yoga was my introduction to yoga. I started during chemotherapy and her classes and attitude helped me through the chemo and surgery. Kathy is incredibly knowledgeable and could tailor the yoga to suit my ongoing health needs. I have come through this difficult part of my life strong mentally and physically largely thanks to yoga and Kathy.”

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