Sage Yoga® Course

    A 3-day Course for Yoga Teachers.

The fastest growing demographic in our population is older people. Yet our society still places an emphasis on youth - and Yoga is as guilty of this as any other exercise activity. Ancient Yoga teachings have a positive outlook on ageing, seeing it as a time of wisdom and continued growth.

Yoga as an activity that can be carried on into old age is being poorly addressed - and yet it could bring enormous advantages. It has become increasingly difficult for people over 65 to find a Yoga class which is appropriate for their needs, even though the health benefits of exercise for older people - including frail older people - are now well-documented. The benefits of meditation for many of the conditions that plague us as we age - hypertension, depression, pain - are also well-documented.

This Course offers Yoga teachers:

      * An understanding of the changes the body undergoes during ageing and how our Yoga can be adapted to meet the challenge of those changes.
      * Evidence-based guidance for assisting with balance : one of the greatest challenges we face as we age.
      * The effects of arthritis, hypertension and age-related depression, and how to manage these in a Yoga class.
      * Creating positive self-images as we age.

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