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Yoga was already becoming many things to many people two decades ago when a group of us formed the Traditional Yoga Association. Our dream was to ground ourselves in the ancient philosophy and ethics of Yoga and explore how these can be expressed today as we live our lives in busy urban environments, where it is so easy to become estranged from meaning

Our inspirations are Swami Sivananda, the Himalayan sage of the last century who almost single-handedly created the means for ancient teachings to be presented to modern minds, and one of his leading disciples, Swami Venkatesananda.   Swami Sivananda would himself say of his disciple, Swami Venkatesananda, ‘… he is the crest jewel of my mission’ ~ a prophetic statement about Swamiji who traversed the globe with Swami Sivananda’s message of, ‘serve, love, give…’ 

Fundamental to this teaching was the teaching of Yoga that life, rich with meaning, is an expression of Yoga, of our oneness with each other.  Thus both these great modern sages held fast to the teaching that joy and happiness are not dependent on what we do for ourselves, but rather on what we do for others.  They taught us to orient ourselves towards the weakest and the poorest and affirm to ourselves, ‘tat tvam asi’ ~ I am that.  To this end, while setting up classes and teachers’ courses we also created The Mukti Project, to raise funds for and awareness of, those whose lives are lived without what many of us take for granted: a home, an education, a loving environment.


Chairperson :
Swami Ambikananda the principal founder and Chairperson is a founding Trustee of the TYA. A Yoga practitioner and teacher for over forty years, she is dedicated to continuing the message of her guru: that the human heart can be satisfied by nothing less than the Divine. She translates original Yoga Sanskrit texts into English and is the originator of the TYA Teachers Course.

Trustee :
Uddhava Samman is a founding Trustee responsible for the day-to-day running of the TYA. A dedicated Yoga practitioner and teacher, he brings to his teaching and work at the TYA his sincere and tireless spirit of service to Yoga.

Trustee :
Manisha Wilmette Brown, a founding Trustee of the TYA, edits the TYA’s publications and provides quality assurance for the TYA’s courses. She assists Swami Ambikananda in her writing and is currently working on a book about Yoga and diabetes.

Trustee :
Penny Hitchings-Jones became a Trustee of the TYA in 2002 after completing the Yoga Teachers Training Course and is a valuable member of the administrative team.


Isabel Sanz Zurdo is a graduate of the Traditional Yoga Association’s Yoga Teachers Training Course in the UK, and founded the Asociación de Yoga Tradicional España, www.yogatradicional.es/

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