The TYA regularly offers talks and workshops by a wide range of speakers which are open to the public and to teachers from all schools.

Chanting Workshop with Swami Ambikananda…………………8th April 2018

After the ‘Naming the Asana’ day many expressed a desire to learn more chanting. As research keeps emerging about the physical and psychological benefits of chanting and singing, it is time we Yogins took it more seriously. For many of us what we have to overcome is our own sense of self-consciousness ~ about our voice, about Sanskrit pronunciation, about how to introduce chanting into our classrooms. This day will focus on all these. We will learn some simple chants to begin with and then move on to longer and more complex chants that take us deeper into stillness.

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Cost : £35


Fundamentals of Muscle Testing for Yoga……………………..17th June 2018
with Simon Wightwick and Luci Trendle.

Pain is the body’s way of telling us there is a problem ~ but it doesn’t always tell us what the problem is. Understanding the biomechanics of muscles and how they compensate for one another will often reveal sources of discomfort and pain. On this workshop we will explore the fundamental principles of muscle testing and the importance of understanding the results of those tests. We will then explore how we as Yoga Teachers can integrate both passive and active testing into our practice and teaching.

* Simon is a Soft Tissue and Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist and runs a successful business, CSM ~ Connective Sports Massage and Luci is a Senior Teacher with the TYA who has been teaching for two decades.

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Cost : £45


The Art of teaching One-to-One Yoga with Ben Parkes…11th November 2018

Holding space for an individual student during a One-to-One Yoga session is a true gift but how do we approach this successfully? Ben Parkes has a thriving One-to-One client-base and in this workshop he outlines the tools, techniques and best practices available to us in the world of Yoga to help you meet your private clients’ needs and keep them coming back for more.

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Cost : £45

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