Trudie Styler

In 1998 the Traditional Yoga Association® established the MUKTI Project in order to support the education of impoverished and endangered children in India. Since then MUKTI have extended our fund-raising to support projects in India for battered women and older women. Most recently we have begun donating to projects supporting homeless people in the UK. In the past 16 years we have raised nearly half a million pounds for the support of bonded labourers, street children, HIV Positive children, abused women and abandoned older women in India (please see Grants).

In the Hindi language, ‘mukti’ means freedom. We believe education helps to free children, and everyone, from poverty, hunger and abuse.

MUKTI's patron is Trudie Styler – actor, film director, Yogini – and wife of the Yogin and singer‐songwriter Sting.

In the past three years the TYA has been joined by James D'Silva's Garuda Studio in fund‐raising for MUKTI.

Everyone who works for MUKTI is a volunteer, and none of the funds MUKTI raises goes to salaries in the UK.

Karm Marg

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