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Meridians, Fascia and Yogāsana

Like Yoga, Chinese medicine developed an understanding of a ‘vitality field’ that flows through us and around us.  The Yogins called this field Prāṇa and the Chinese called it Qi (pronounced Chi).  In Europe too, until the rise of industrialisation, medicine relied on concepts of the flow of vitality.   The West lost this teaching but it never faltered in India or China.  Both traditional Eastern systems of healing developed detailed   explanations of these flows ~ how they impact us and how we impact them.

This series will consist of 12 webinars (1 x 75 minute class each week for 12 weeks).  Swamiji will explore the Chinese acupuncture meridians and their counterparts in Yoga nadis.  It will look at the impact of movement on fascia and how these relate to the flow of Prāṇa/Qi.   She will help you discover how various āsana-s, prāṇāyāma, and mantra and meditation, can influence the flow of vitality.  You will also learn specific acupuncture points that affect the flow of Prāṇa/Chi and how students can themselves apply pressure to these points.

This webinar course will allow teachers to understand the flow of Prāṇa well enough to create themed classes around them.

This series is best suited to Yoga teachers who want to help their students learn how to make this way of accessing vitality as much a part of their work towards health and wellbeing as movement and thought.


Webinar begins: Saturday 4th January 2020 from 8:30 a.m for 1 hour.

Course will then continue to run on every Saturday for 11 Saturdays after that,
creating a 12 week course to cover all 12 meridians.

Cost of series of 12 webinars : £120

To apply or for more details please contact: theswami@TraditionalYoga.org




For more details please contact: info@TraditionalYoga.org

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