Five 1¼ hour workshops in 2024

Teaching Meditation for Yoga Teachers

The last two decades has seen meditation ~ including mindfulness ~ become an accepted practice as people struggle towards mental health and wellbeing. In a number of environments, as Yoga teachers, meditation has become an expected part of our classes. However, the practices on offer vary widely from simple awareness techniques (mindfulness) to elaborate breathing and visualisation techniques and mantra repetition.

These workshops ~ presented by Swami Ambikananda ~ aim to cover the following:

      ➤  Definition and origin of different techniques.
      ➤  What does the research say about various techniques.
      ➤  Progressing meditation practises or course
      ➤  The use of Pranayama and Mudras in meditation classes.
      ➤  The use of Mantra in meditation.
      ➤  Introducing the concept of the 'third eye' to a modern audience.
      ➤  Meditation and the biofield
      ➤  Meditation as part of a Yoga class

Workshops will be conducted online, thus offering those living at a distance, an opportunity to attend.

These 1¼ hour workshops will be conducted on 5 consecutive Sundays during March / Apr. Cost of course : £60

Lessons will be recorded so that you can have access to them if unable to attend a session.

For more information or to book, please contact :



Yoga and the Alexander Technqiue
In-Person Workshop with Ron Colyer

DURATION  :  3 Hours

COST :  £20 TYA
:  £25 Non-TYA

DATE :  Sunday 12th November 2023

TIME :  10:00 am - 13:00 pm




Back by popular demand : Yoga and the Alexander Technique. Swami Venkatesananda, the inspiration of the TYA, used to say of the Alexander Technique "they are ancient Yogis returned to teach us the same truths in a different form…". The Alexander Technique ~ like Yoga asana ~ allows us to expand our awareness into body tension and release as a physical phenomenon. It brings some beautiful positions and verbalisations to this process.


The course will be conducted by leading Alexander teacher, Ron Colyer and will look at how the technique can be applied to different asanas.


Please book early since numbers will be limited to 20.






Explore Meditation… A full day at Oxford University


Blindfold Yoga Classes are Back!


SO many Yogins enjoyed the blindfold Yoga classes before they had to shut down due to Covid.




On the last Friday of every month at
Luci Trendle's lovely Yoga Studio.
Join in and find the beauty of
that 'inner gaze' ~ pratyahara'.


(Full venue details will be sent when you book)

Booking a place essential, to book contact Uddhava:

No set fee. Donations gratefully received.

All donations will go to charities for blind people.


Click here to see our Sun Salutation Challengers ( opens in new window)



1 x Weekend Pass for the upcoming World Yoga Festival event.
For further information see:

1 X 10" Tibetan Singing Bowl (retail cost £195)


The Garuda Studio has donated a fantastic prize specifically designed for Yoga teachers…

A Garuda Foundation Matwork Course (Virtual) valued at £840.

James D'Silva's Garuda system of movement ~ inspired by Yoga, Pilates and Bharatanatyam dance, has gained renown all over the world.


(The entrants have to be teachers with a certificate in either Yoga or Pilates ~ an ideal gift for yourself or your favourite Yogin)

Sponsorship Forms will be available at the Sun Salutations Party on the 17th July OR email Uddhava and request some:

You or your supporters can also give via the Just Giving Page at:


To find out how your Sun Salutations can help two children's homes in India and homeless people in the UK



Make a difference to one of our Mukti children's lives and benefit yourself at the same time!

Join James for a charity Sunday morning online get-together!


Spend a lovely Sunday morning enjoying a revitalising & invigorating 1 hour with Garuda's James D'Silva on the mat ~ online via Zoom.

Following that, Swami Ambikananda, will discuss Pranayama and give some introductory breathwork practices for 45 minutes.

Date: Sunday 8th November
Timings: 11 am - 1 pm


This is a free event - donate at: Mukti's JustGiving page.




Mukti Fundraiser 2020

A Portraiture Date Night!

Have fun learning the art of portraiture while raising funds for our street kids.

Yogini Laura Truesdale who runs successful art courses through her academy, Brushtrokes Courses (, is doing an online one-night special for Mukti.

Bring your loved one ~ they can join in ~ or a photo and learn the art of lovingly drawing a much-loved face.


Date : Wednesday
28th October 2020
Time : 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm.

Sign up at:

And make your donation at:





Mukti Fundraiser 2020

Yogini Laura knew that once lockdown came into force, our fund-raising would suffer a blow.  She then went into action.  She opened a ‘Just Giving’ page and requested donations for her hair-shave.  In the process she raised a whopping  £1,280 and all the funds came to Mukti.


She is beautiful both : with her long locks and with shaven head ~ but, we have to admit, we love the shaven head look.




We know you love your Yoga


Now try it a totally new way!

In support of an appeal by the RNIB Traditional Yoga Association teachers will be taking classes once a month in which all participants (except the teacher!) are blindfolded.


"Feel it don't think it."
~ Yogin Arjuna



Yogini Luci is donating her studio space and TYA Teachers are donating their time and skills.

Participants are asked to make a donation.


Venue : Luci Trendle Yoga Studio, Amners Farm, Amners Farm Road, Burghfield, Reading, RG30 3UE


Date : Last Friday of every month
Time : 7 to 8.30p.m.


Enquiries : Uddhava 0118 9581817 or



Fri 31st Jan 2020 : Luci Trendle

Fri 28th Feb 2020 : Swami Ambika

Fri 27th Mar 2020 : Uddhava





28th September 2019



Garba is a traditional dance from the Gujarat area of India. It is a circle dance usually done during Autumn harvest time. Traditionally ~ like the Sufi dance which Garba pre-dates ~ it was meant to invoke an ecstatic state of mind in the dancer.
This year we will have a Garba teacher who will teach us first the basic Garba and once we’re familiar with the steps we will all dance it together to live musicians for 45 minutes.
Each song takes about 3 minutes, so in a 45 minute dance there will be about 15 songs.
Each participant can decide for themselves how many songs they remain in the dance for. After a short break to eat, listen to live music and catch our breath, those of us still standing will step up to learn the next dance called ‘Dandiya Rasa’. It comes from the Garba tradition but has the addition of sticks (dandiya). They represent the swords of Durga as she fought the forces of darkness. With our sticks we join the musicians in creating the rhythm of the dance.
Again, once we know the basic moves, we will begin a thirty minute dance (about 10 songs).


(Participants can choose to do less.)

Our Lady of Peace Community Centre,
338 Wokingham Road, (A329),
Earley, Reading RG6 7DA


Entrance free to all with Sponsorship.
Entrance free to children.
Adults entrance if not sponsored : £5/-




keep moving ~ for charity

Whether you are yogaing, dancing or tangoing, join us on the 29th of June at the Goring Village Hall from 9.30 to 13.00. Refreshments will be available. Donations will be for the benefit of the Mukti project.

The Mukti Project raises funds for and awareness of those whose lives are lived without what many of us take for granted: a home, an education, a loving environment. In India MUKTI gives grants to a home for street children just outside Delhi and a home for abandoned HIV Positive boys and girls also in Delhi and in the UK to various charities for the homeless.


09.30-10.30 : Yoga with Daniela

10.30-10.50 : Meditation with Swami Ambikananda

11.00-11.50 : Zumba with Daniela (first 10 mins salsa/merengue/cha-cha basic steps)

12.00-13.00 : Argentine Tango withBarbara, Reading Tango Club


For info email:

Donation : Minimum £10 ~ or more if the spirit moves you



Elanor Newman Image

On Sunday, 26th May ~ with land temperatures in the area at just 16º ~ Eleanor Newman took a wild swim for our Mukti Project.
Supported by other swimmers in the Uwim team, she swam Boundary Lake in Cheshire and raised £1008.91.
Thank you Eleanor ~ and thanks to all of your team who supported you and all who sponsored you.
All monies raised goes to projects supporting homeless children and young adults in India. At Christmas time we also send funds to support homeless projects in the UK.
For an update on our funding, please click here.
To all those have supported the MUKTI Project over the years, we send our deepest gratitude.


All funds go to MUKTI

Two Fabulous Prizes



Click on the tickets to visit the website and order tickets

Closing Date : 20th November 2018


Surya Namaskar~athon

(Sun Salutations ~ lots of them!)
2nd December 2018 2.30p.m.

Reading Hindu Temple, 112 Whitley Street, RG2 0EQ

Join us for a pre-Christmas give-away as we raise money for homeless people with Yoga.

Get sponsored for a doing your health-giving Sun Salutations and breathe easy afterwards, knowing you’ve done good.

There will be lots of Christmas goodies on sale ~ home-made biscuits and sweets for Christmas.




World Yoga Festival 19-22 JULY 2018 READING , UK

The fabulous World Yoga Festival that invites teachers from all over the world to come to Berkshire for 3 days of the year to celebrate and share Yoga, has this year invited a number of Traditional Yoga Teachers to teach.

Teaching this year are:

Swami Ambikananda (Friday only)

Luci Trendle

Vikki Philpott

Laura Finch

Ben Parkes


To see the blog by Swami Ambikananda written for this year's festival go to: BLOG

To book for the festival go to : World Yoga Festival - click here

Talk by Prof. Ravi Ravindra on Sunday 3rd September 2017 at 7.30 pm

Inner Transformation through Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita

Krishna reveals himself in the Bhagavad Gita as an incarnation of the Highest Divinity. In the process of teaching his disciple Arjuna who is confused about what is the right action, Krishna says that no action can be right until the actor is right, and that in order to be the right actor one must practice the discipline of Yoga. Also, that the purpose of Yoga cannot be fulfilled without undertaking yajña involving a sacrifice of one’s attachment to the level one is at as well as some benediction of forces (devas) higher than oneself.

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Ravi Ravindra has agreed to give us a talk on the Bhagavad Gita. This is one of the major texts on Yoga and as Raviji has recently published a commentary on the Gita, this should be an inspiring talk for all of us. There is ample parking and tea and biscuits will be available.


Crowne Plaza Hotel, Reading
Caversham Bridge
Richfield Avenue
Berkshire RG1 8BD


For further details and to book a place please contact Uddhava on

Discussion / debate 30 March 2017 ~ 7 to 9 pm

Speakers include:
Swami Ambikananda
Dav Panesar
Dr. Peter Malinowski
Dr. Miguel Farias

Chaired by Dr. Jonathan Jong

For more details go to:

MUKTI Lottery 2016

All funds go to Mukti

Some of the fabulous prizes:

  • First Prize is £1,000 of Garuda Training
  • Six hour tutorial with award-winning Filmmaker Simon Chambers.
  • A Special Edition Bhagavad Gita.
  • One very large Figuier Diptyque candle
  • Dinner for two at Sexy Fish Restaurant in London, up to the value of £200
  • Two tickets for an Arsenal home game
  • Hair make-over with a Senior Stylist at Michael van Clarke in London
  • Two tickets for Swan Lake at the Albert Hall on Sunday 5th June 2016 at 2.30 pm

Closing date: 15th May 2016
Draw date: 26th May 2016

Mukti Lottery 2015

The draw for the 02 On Stage Together Sting and Paul Simon was done at the Garuda Studio in London on 31 March. Everyone present had a chance to give the barrel of tickets a turn and young Oliver gave it a final few rolls before Tony Tabatznik ~ a long-term supporter of Mukti ~ dipped his hand in and removed the winning ticket. He also drew a second reserve ticket that was placed in a sealed envelope.

The winning ticket belonged to Melissa Sheppard. A very sad Melissa has had to decline the prize due to a work engagement that she is unable to get away from, and the prize then passed onto that reserve ticket-holder. The lucky person therefore going to the 02 concert with the Mukti prize is the reserve ticket-holder John Cardy from Fareham, who tells us he is taking his wife, Charlene.

Congratulations John.
Thank you to everyone for your support.

Fabulous prize : Sting and Paul Simon on State Together at the O2 +++

~ meet Sting!

~ enjoy a night at a London hotel plus dinner.

All funds raised go to MUKTI.


The Surya Namaskar-athon is MUKTI’s biggest fund-raising event. It is a chance to practise charity and Yoga by getting sponsorship for any number of Sun Salutations Yogins choose to do.
In June 2014 Yogins from different schools gathered in Reading for the 2014 Surya Namaskar–athon.
Everyone who participated brought their sponsorship forms and got down to doing their Sun Salutations accompanied by the music of the Ryewolf quartet. During the afternoon we were joined by Vaneet – tabla player supreme, and Yoga student Raju Bharti led us through the new Mangala Namaskar Vinyasa developed specially for the occasion by James D’Silva of Garuda Studio.
MUKTI’s ‘Yoga Ladies’ kept serving up the delicious food they had prepared so Yogins could re–fuel. As prizes for our raffle, MUKTI’s patron Trudie Styler sent a super-hamper of Lakehouse organic produce and other goodies, and James D’Silva donated a private lesson. There were also prizes of beautiful plants and children’s toys.
In two hours enthusiastic Yogins raised £12,000 for MUKTI to donate to projects in India and the UK.

Well done and THANK YOU, Yogins!

MUKTI’s 2013 Lottery – Celebrate with Sting in New York

As usual our patron Trudie Styler came through for us in 2013. She and her husband Sting offered the fantastic prize of two tickets to see Sting perform live at his ‘invitation only’ birthday concert in New York, where he would be singing songs from his new album ‘The Last Ship’ for the first time in public. The prize included the return flight to New York for our winner and their guest, plus five-nights’ stay at a luxury NY hotel. MUKTI added £500 spending money to the prize.
From June to August lottery tickets flew out across the country, and on the 9th of September superstar Uri Geller attended a dinner with MUKTI supporters and did the prize draw. The lucky winner's name he drew from the barrel of 8000 tickets was Alison Fergie from Bognor Regis. A long-time Sting fan, she was thrilled to win and took her sister with her to NY. Alison very generously donated the cash element of the prize back to MUKTI!
Alison said of her trip: “The concert was excellent, Sting and the band were on good form, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I wanted to take a gift for Sting's birthday, but what do you give a man who has everything, so I thought it would be fun to take him a stick of Bognor Regis rock – which made him laugh. The weather was glorious for nearly all the week and we had a fabulous time.”
Thanks to Trudie and Sting and Alison and the wonderful public who bought tickets, MUKTI's 2013 Lottery raised nearly £16,000.

Please read about the Grants MUKTI has donated over the years to various Projects .

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