The TYA regularly offers talks and workshops by a wide range of speakers which are open to the public and to teachers from all schools.


Yoga and the Alexander Technqiue
In-Person Workshop with Ron Colyer

DURATION  :  3 Hours

COST :  £20 TYA
:  £25 Non-TYA

DATE :  Sunday 12th November 2023

TIME :  10:00 am - 13:00 pm




Back by popular demand : Yoga and the Alexander Technique. Swami Venkatesananda, the inspiration of the TYA, used to say of the Alexander Technique "they are ancient Yogis returned to teach us the same truths in a different form…". The Alexander Technique ~ like Yoga asana ~ allows us to expand our awareness into body tension and release as a physical phenomenon. It brings some beautiful positions and verbalisations to this process.


The course will be conducted by leading Alexander teacher, Ron Colyer and will look at how the technique can be applied to different asanas.


Please book early since numbers will be limited to 20.



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