Classes for People Living with Cancer

Each year over 290,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer, and some of them will turn to Yoga for help in coping with the trauma of diagnosis and treatment, and for support in their healing process.

Yoga can play a significant role in this transformative process of healing, as it can help the individual move forward from this profoundly critical point in their lives to wherever their path may lead them. The practice of Yoga can help to replenish energy, restore balance and - perhaps most important of all - allow strong emotions such as grief and despair to surface into consciousness so that they can be observed, acknowledged and accepted. Part of our role as a Yoga teacher in this situation is to recognise the profound physical and emotional changes and the spiritual transformation which a life-changing illness can bring about. We can help to create and hold a safe and secure space, so that students can 'be with' their feelings and fears, acknowledging and accepting them so that they can begin to heal and move on with their lives.

Our Teachers who specialise in Classes for People Living with Cancer

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