Teachers Training Course

We have all had teachers who inspire us. The TYA believes that such teachers have themselves been taught well. The TYA Teachers Training Course is organised as an apprenticeship programme. This means that in addition to group learning there is personal contact between student-teachers and their Tutor.

Students wishing to attend the TYA's Teacher Training Course must complete the Foundation course first.

We also regularly run shorter Courses and Workshops for continuing professional development, offering CPD points.

Modern living places great emphasis on creative AND safe practice in our Yoga classes. The 4 modules of this Teachers Training Course take that into account. These are listed below :

Anatomy and Physiology   Emphasis is placed on the physiology and dynamics of movement in relation to asana, pranayama and vinyasa. First Aid training is also provided as part of the Course.
Ethics and values of Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyanam   You will learn how to teach all aspects of Yoga ~ from the ethics and values of Yoga, Yoga asana (postures and vinyasa flow) through to pranayama (breathwork), Nidra (relaxation), as well as pratyahara, dharana and dhyanam (meditation). You will also learn how to offer alternatives to students when these are appropriate to their needs.
Learning to Teach Adults   You will learn different teaching methods and how to encourage students to explore their limits creatively. You will be informed about the current Health and Safety laws appropriate to the learning environment of Yoga.
History and Philosophy   You will learn how to integrate and convey to your students the philosophy you will have learned on the Foundation Course.

The Yoga Teacher Training course is a comprehensive programme fulfilling a total of 300 hours that will give participants a sound base of knowledge and experience from which to teach. Under its apprenticeship system students can set their own pace for learning. The development of students' practical skills will be guided by their Tutor, and in order to build both the competence and the confidence to teach, student-teachers will be given abundant opportunities for practice-teaching before they graduate.

For more details please contact: info@TraditionalYoga.org

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