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As part of the TYA we established the Mukti Project to raise funds for and awareness of, those whose lives are lived without what many of us take for granted: a home, an education, a loving environment.

These funds raised through the supporters of this project is ring-fenced and, apart from a very small annual admin cost, all funds raised go to the intended projects.  No organisers are paid a salary ~we all work as volunteers.

The Mukti Project has supported various projects: schools created on the sites of bonded labour and we worked with the Bonded Labour Liberation Movement (BMM) founded by the late Swami Agnivesh in our first years, funding schools on the sites of bonded labour. 

We went on to support:

Karm Marg ~a home for street children just outside Delhi;

Naz~ a home for abandoned HIV Positive boys and girls;

Through the generosity of Yogins in the UK and abroad we have sent over half a million pounds to various projects, including organisations that work for the homeless in the UK, like Crisis, Centrepoint and Launchpad.  We do not administer any of the homes in India, they are organised by loving and committed people there ~our work is to raise funds so that their work can continue. 

It has not been a one-way giving ~the children teach us that no matter how traumatised, no matter how harsh life has been, compassion can still flow.  It has been a privilege to get to know the children and those who organise the homes in India and here, they always remind us of the crucial teaching of Yoga: ‘tat tvam asi’ ~that thou art.

From time-to-time Mukti makes additional grants to causes that deal with homelessness or street children.  To date, the Yogins of the TYA have raised £693,167.




Message from two Karm Marg residents about how MUKTI inspired them

Message from ANJALI GOPALAN - Founder and Executive Director - The Naz Foundation (India) Trust



Message from KALYANI SUBRAMANYAM - Program Director - The Naz Foundation (India) Trust