Uddhava Samman

One of the co-founders of The Traditional Yoga Association®, Uddhava continues to teach in the Reading area. He teaches general Yoga classes but is particularly interested in teaching those for whom Yoga is very often out of reach: people with disabilities or physical problems that would prevent them from entering a mainstream class.

Uddhava teaches weekly online Yoga classes for people with Multiple Sclerosis for the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre. He is a Yoga Therapist and teaches private classes in Reading and is a member of CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). As well as Yoga, Uddhava also teaches meditation and chanting.

"During the past thirty years I have been both a student and a teacher of Yoga. I trained in Yoga Therapy with Swami Ambikananda and completed my Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours programme) with her in 1995. Yoga has brought about a profound healing and transformation within myself and through teaching I am able to observe this process happening in my students. I encourage my students to listen to and to become acutely aware of themselves rather than applying force to achieve a goal. This focus on the process - the means rather than the end - that is so much a core of Swami Ambikananda's teaching, makes Yoga accessible to all and opens up a deep spiritual connection through a physical activity."

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